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Tesla Model S Burns While Plugged Into Supercharger

Jason Siu

This is a bummer and worrisome. Hopefully the person got something to eat before his car went poof.

A Tesla Model S caught fire and burned down while plugged into a Supercharger station in Norway.

According to a news report, the owner of the Model S plugged his vehicle into a Supercharger station and left it to charge. For reasons currently unknown, the vehicle caught fire and the charging station also burned in the process. Firefighters were able to use a special chemical solution to fight the fire and fortunately nobody was hurt from the incident.

Authorities are investigating the blaze and currently there’s no explanation as to what caused the Tesla Model S to catch on fire.

Tesla has responded to the incident and told NRK that it will do extensive research to determine the cause. The American electric automaker has emphasized that is it not dangerous to use a Supercharger station to charge its vehicles.

This article originally appeared at [i]AutoGuide.com[/i]

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